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Honey etc.

Our produce consists solely of products made by our very own bee colonies!

The bees do not only gift us with high quality honey, but also beeswax, propolis and much more.

blossom honey

DSC_2973CDIn springtime our bees head for all nectar producing plants, such as fruit trees, dandelions and maple. Due to the great variety of blossoms, blossom honey contains relatively more pollen than wild honey. Stemming from a high share of dandelion it is quick to crystallize (become solid). Depending on the ratio of dandelion and maple in the honey, it grates more or less in the throat. Other than that blossom honey is rather fruity and lovely.

cream/mousse honey

DSC_3045CDWe use the fast crystallization of blossom honey to make cream honey out of it. The honey is being stirred frequently. The crystals formed in the process rub one another and due to that become continuously smaller. The honey crystallizes out and becomes very creamy. Thus the flavour becomes rounder and fuller. Stored in a cool place it keeps its creamy consistency, stored in a too hot place a liquid layer can form at the top.

wild-blossom honey

DSC_2983CDThis kind occurs during seasonal transition. It is a natural mix of two kinds of honey and combines the characteristics of blossom and wild honey.

wild honey

DSC_2988CDThis one originates from honey dew. The bees collect it from the branches of various trees in woods. In relation to the blossom honey wild honey contains more minerals. In flavour it is rather strong and spicy as far as a bit malty.

comb honey

115cdThe honey filled combs are taken out of the beehive and are either immediately being wrapped or put into jars with honey. Enjoyed in small pieces the comb honey can serve as a natural gum. Only on order!

chunk honey

A piece of comb honey in a honey jar

honey with walnuts

DSC_2999CDHoney with walnuts from our own garden.

honey with bee bread

Cream honey with bee bread

honey with propolis

Cream honey with finely grated propolis

honey foam

An airy honey pleasure!


No honey year is like the other. Depending on season and weather the flavour of the honey can vary. Each kind of honey has its own character and there out resulting characteristics. The different kinds come up one after the other in the course of a year. Starting with the cherry blossom (April/May) the bees collect for blossom honey. In June, when the elder starts blooming, it is time for wild honey. Honey is also sorted after flavour, colour, consistency and smell. Due to the nature bound work we are unfortunately highly dependent on the weather. We only have those kinds and quantities which our bees find in the mountains near to us. Our quality honey has already been honoured repeatedly with the seal of quality!

Store the honey in a dry place and protected from warmth and light.